Introducing the versatility, comfort and pure joy of Madona Cole Originals silks and natural fabrics

Original Handcrafted Textile Designs ~ One-of-a-Kind Wearable & Wall Art






 Dear Madona:
We want to formally say " THANK YOU" for being a Participating Artist at the October ART AFTER DARK.
You helped in a major way to create the exciting artistic atmosphere that so epitomizes the Art League of Long Island.
Here's the link to the October ART AFTER DARK web page including a slide of show photos that we took that night. We hope that you will join us at future ART AFTER DARK events and will be looking forward to seeing  you soon. Thank you so much again.. .
Roberta Erlagen and Linda Louis

"Madona is a true artist, who is both passionate and meticulous about creating her unique and beautiful clothing and accessories.  Her infectious personality -- both poised and whimsical -- translates directly into her designs.  When women wear a Madona Cole Original, they can't help but take on those lovely qualities themselves."

Nichelle Bryant                                                  Proprietor                                                                                                                               Soulsource Communications LLC


"MadonaCole originals are garments that are to be experienced not just worn. Each pattern is uniquely crafted as we are individually created by our Creator."
Donna Horn-Hooks, LCSW

“ When Madona enters a room, you know immediately that something has changed and you look to see what it is”.

- Eunice Tinsley
Retired Educator Washington D.C



“Even if I were in a room full of women wearing Madona's designs, I would never have to worry about whether someone will have on my outfit. Each design is truly unique and complementary to my body and my personality. When I step into a room wearing a MC Original I know heads will turn, after all isn't that what you want!”

- Deanna Marshall
Sales Executive, New York

“When I wear a madona cole original, I feel so empowered and I know that I look fabulous”

- Janice Tinsley-Colbert
Attorney, New York