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Headwear For Hairloss

Dignity and Functionality in the Face of Hair Loss!  Fashionable Handcrafted Hair Loss Solutions Customized to Taste for Home, Work, Hospital Stay and Social Functions 

Our Carolyn Series Turwrap- handcrafted designer silk or cotton headwear for cancer patients who are experiencing hairloss due to chemotherapy is a key component of our Dignity Headwear™. These headwear come with an optional genuine swarovsky crystal that signifies the light that patients can expect will shine to make the way clear for them thoughout their journey.  Our Rinde'wrap™headwear, which are functional and stylish head-coverings that can be worn as headscarves, headbands or visors are also designed for women and girls with alopecia, and other medical-related hair loss.

Easy and Fun to Wear! - Ready-to-wear/fuss-free mode, as well as, the adjustable version for the creative-minded are available in every style.

The Design Process: All designs and styles are original and generated by our textile artist, Madona Cole-Lacy. Fabric designs which always start with white or solid-colored silks and other natural fabrics are created through a combination of traditional and exclusive surface design techniques. Authentic multi-ethnic fabrics and embellishments are also introduced as a reflection of our designer's experiences as an artist in Europe, Africa and North America. We also cater to those who prefer solid-colored pieces. 

Flexible Terms: Make your selection from available one-of-a-kind pieces, and purchase online or contact us to request your own custom handcrafted headwear.

                                Wearable Art Headwear

Madona Cole Originals Versatile and Unique Headwear Ideal for Hat-Lovers and "Bad-Hair Days" are Functional, Fashionable Handcrafted with Original Fabric Designs

Dignity Headwear™ are one-of-a-kind and limited edition natural fabric headwear accessories that are created to enhance appearance and personality at home, work, school and play. These include, but are not limited to, our Turwrap™ - our designer's creation inspired by a turban and a headwrap - headbands, visors, skull caps, our Rindéwrap™- a versatile stylish headwrap that works as a visor or a headband - bridal headwear, and African and African-Inspired headwraps that are uniquely tailored with comfort, flair and dignity in mind. 

Easy and Fun to Wear: Ready-to-wear/fuss-free mode, as well as, the adjustable version for the creative-minded are available in every style.

                                     Wearable Art Men

Our neckties and vests come in a wide array of pure silk fabrics and original fabric designs. They are for the most part, one-of-a-kind, unless when availability in limited edition is noted. Even so, you will never get an exact duplicate of a design  -  a deliberate creative decision by our designer to ensure individuality and uniqueness of product and wearer! 

Dignity Collection Wearable Art Accessories

include one-of-a-kind silk scarves, ready-to-wear overlays and handbags 


                           Wall Art by Madona Cole-Lacy

In addition to commission work, Madona Cole-Lacy creates wall art with themes from a variety of inspirational sources. Click here for more