Introducing the versatility, comfort and pure joy of Madona Cole Originals silks and natural fabrics

Original Handcrafted Textile Designs ~ One-of-a-Kind Wearable & Wall Art

About the Artist/Designer

Artist, educator and designer of wearable art, Mrs. Madona Cole-Lacy founded Madona Cole Originals in 1982 upon completion of her studies toward a B.A. in art and design at Marymount College, where she had successfully created a series of African-inspired hand screened wall-hangings. Madona Cole Originals began as a part-time business prior to Mrs. Cole-Lacy's employment as a full-time teacher with the New York City School System. Madona Cole Originals became a full-time business in 1999, and in addition to designing tex tiles and fashions, she began to offer art related educational workshops. However, due to complications associated with the break-up of her marriage in 2000, the business took a back seat while she focused on the well-being of her children and herself. In 2002, Mrs. Cole-Lacy began to shift more of her energies back to Madona Cole Originals and gave birth to a second business,My Time Has Come. Through My Time Has Come, she offers art related cultural and social enrichment programs, that seize upon the affirmation of “My Time Has Come”, as a tool of empowerment to help and support others.
In addition to creating fine art, that one can wear as well as mount on their wall, she is passionate about educating, motivating and inspiring students, colleagues and customers. She stresses the significance of art and culture as a mechanism to break down barriers down, assist children and others in dealing with social and developmental issues, and last but not least, foster cultural appreciation. Thus her educational programs, combine art, fashion and awareness of cultural diversity.
Mrs. Cole-Lacy works with silk and other natural fabrics.  It is not unusual for her to incorporate authentic hand crafted ethnic fabrics as well as introduce genuine pearls and Swarovski crystals alongside other select embellishments.

Mrs. Cole-Lacy makes it a point to demonstrate the free-flowing quality and comfort of her luxurious silks, by draping her clients in yards of this solid-colored fabric which she would eventually embellish with her original fabric design techniques to create her one-of-a kind figure flattering unique fashions. The ‘draping' experience she offers her clients evokes the feeling of well-being, contentment and excitement for all concerned!   Mrs. Cole-Lacy  also offers free Dignity Enhancement workshops to women  and girls who are experiencing hairloss.