Introducing the versatility, comfort and pure joy of Madona Cole Originals silks and natural fabrics

Original Handcrafted Textile Designs ~ One-of-a-Kind Wearable & Wall Art

Wearable Art Headwear

Madona Cole Originals Versatile and Unique Headwear Ideal for Hat-Lovers and "Bad-Hair Days"

Functional, Fashionable Handcrafted with Original Fabric Designs

Dignity Headwear™ are one-of-a-kind and limited edition natural fabric headwear accessories that are created to enhance appearance and personality at home, work, school and play. These include, but are not limited to, our Turwrap™ - our designer's creation inspired by a turban and a headwrap - headbands, visors, skull caps, our Rindéwrap™- a versatile stylish headwrap that works as a visor or a headband - bridal headwear, and African and African-Inspired headwraps that are uniquely tailored with comfort, flair and dignity in mind. 

Easy and Fun to Wear

Ready-to-wear/fuss-free mode, as well as, the adjustable version for the creative-minded are available in every style.


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Wearable Art Headwear

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